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Frequently asked questions Q & A

  • For customers who wish to transfer

    For those who wish to transfer, we offer a transfer service between the hotel and Kusatsu-Onsen Bus Terminal.

    ■Pick-up time/Direct flight Continue reading
  • About bringing drinks etc

    Unfortunately, please refrain from bringing food and drinks to the restaurant venue for dinner and breakfast.

    You can bring food and drink Continue reading
  • About Facilities in Facilities

    The pension's facilities are furnished with antique furniture including a lounge (resting room).
  • Private bath bathing system

    All 5 baths at this pension are reserved.
    If you do not need a reservation in advance, you can take in the entrance's ticket with the inner Continue reading
  • About room amenities and amenities

    The rooms of this pension are equipped with toilet, toilet, TV, fridge, yukata, haori, towel, bath towel, toothbrush, razor, soap and so on.
  • Original health cuisine that sticks to materials

    We aim at local production for local consumption, and we offer healthy dishes using pork from the prefecture, highland vegetables from beef Continue reading
  • About parking space

    The parking lot of this pension can accommodate up to 30 units.
  • About surrounding convenience stores

    There are SAVE ON surrounding convenience stores ~ 6 minutes walking distance from our pension.
  • Kusatsu Town the Yubatake the center of Kusatsu Town

    From this pension you can go to Yubatake station in less than 10 minutes on foot.
  • Highly Recommend, Casual French Restaurants

    The café restaurant "Vine Tree" at the hotel's group shop, cafe restaurant "Vine Tree chefs" waving arm, locally produced local casual FrencContinue reading
  • About installation of vending machine

    There is also a vending machine installed inside the facility, which sells soft drinks (coffee · juice · tea · pocari sweet) alcohol (beer ·Continue reading
  • Celebration cakes etc. are received.

    If you are celebrating, etc. We will prepare cakes (decoration) etc for a fee.
  • Best time for rhododendrons

    The best time to see rhododendrons in Kusatsu Town will be in early May.
    Thin pink flowers are splendid in varieties called Asma RhododendrContinue reading
  • Best time to see Coksa

    It is also called queen of alpine plants and makes pretty flowers bloom on dead areas.
    Kusatsu book Shirane can see the goby chestnut that tContinue reading
  • Access by car from Tokyo ...

    From Tokyo area to Kusatsu car, Takeshi Kanetsu Expressway via the Metropolitan Expressway・Gaikan Expressway Kanetsu Expressway: Nerima R353Continue reading