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Hot Springs

5 types of private baths with 100% free-flowing hot springs

The baths at Kindai Pension are 100% natural hot springs that flow directly from the source.
Kusatsu Onsen, there is a large amount of hot water, and “Manyo Minesu Kusatsu Onsen”, which has a high source temperature, are drawn.

Information on private bath

All five types of baths are reserved, and you can take as many baths as you like 24 hours a day during your stay.
There is no reservation system for the bath.
Please turn over the empty bath tag and lock it to enter.
  • ■Yasuragi Barrel Bath

    Half open-air bath Tub Bath "Yasuragi Barrel Bath" is a popular Aomori Hiba's Tubu Bath with Tsubosaki.
    It was renewed in September 2020.
  • ■Shiki-no-mori-no-yu

    The semi-open-air bath "Shiki-no-mori-no-yu" is a rock bath with a tsubo garden.
    You will be healed by the natural light and the gentle light from the stained glass.

  • ■Lava cave bath

    Half open-air bath "Lava cave bath" is a Lava cave bath where Asama lava stone is stacked.
    The night is a fantastic atmosphere.
  • ■Nagomi Sachi Bath

    Nagomi Sachi-no-yu" is a Western-style bath based on granite.
    There are two stained glasses.
  • ■bath blessed by the land

    bath blessed by the land" is a Western-style bath that uses plenty of red granite.
    Stained glass is wonderful.
  • ■Amenities, Supplies

    For shampoo, conditioner and body soap, DHC amenities"Olive Gold Series" are available.

    With the vitality and tenderness of olives nurtured by nature, bring a lively and radiant beauty to your hair and skin, and try the scent of herbal woody as if you were in the forest.

    Each dressing room also has facial cleansing foam, oil cleansing, lotion, milky lotion, and hair dryer.

5 types of private bathing summary

Hot Springs

Kusatsu Onsen(Natural hot spring 100%) Hot Spring Baskdown ※It does not include artificial hot springs


Thousands ore

Hot Spring Qualities

Acidic chloride·Sulfate hot spring

Spring fountain

94.6 ° C


Neuralgia, muscle pain, Arthralgia, Frozen, Motor paralysis, Joint strength, Bruised,
Chronic gastrointestinal disease, hemorrhoids, chilling, recovery from illness, recovery from fatigue, health promotion,
Chronic skin diseases, arteriosclerosis, cuts, burns, weak children, chronic gynecology etc.

Private Bath

There(No condition)

Types of baths

Two bathrooms(For 1 to 5 people)
3 half outdoor baths(For 1 to 5 people)

Bath time

Available 24 hours (but with cleaning time)

How to use

All five baths are keyed private baths.
There is no reservation system for the bath.
The charter fee is free.
Please enter a private label on a vacant bath.
You can take a bath for rent as often as 24 hours during your stay.