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Recommended accommodation plan

Recommended Plan

All the dishes boasted at the Kindai Pension are course meals.
We make use of locally produced and locally consumed ingredients such as the popular Joshu Beef Steak we also offer many seasonal plan.
  • Let's eat Gunma's delicious food! Enjoy the Joshu Gourmet Plan& 5 private baths!

    Joshu Gourmet Plan, Muniel with the highest grade rainbow trout "Ginhikari" from Gunma Prefecture
    We offer course meal of Joshu Beef stone steak.

    It is the luxurious plan of the highest Kindai Pension at the Kindai Pension.
    Please enjoy the caContinue reading
    Room rate
    12,800 yen (tax included) ~
    Reservation is here
  • Most Popular!☆Joshu Beef Steak plan& 5 private baths 24 Joshu Beef Steak as many times as you want!

    Joshu Beef Plan is a popular number one in the Kindai accommodation plan
    Very reasonable, super size, delicious and popular!

    Gunma prefecture specialty Kaito Joshu Beef (170 g) prepared stone grilled steak as the main course of dinner course.
    Continue reading
    Room rate
    11,800 yen (tax included) ~
    Reservation is here
  • ☆Special Dinner☆Omar shrimp pie wrap &Joshu Beef Steak plan to enjoy the finest ingredients! 5 private baths☆

    The main dish is "Omar shrimp pie soup" and "Joshu Wagyu beef steak (lava plate)"!
    A special soup that combines a lobster's texture and consomme soup with fragrant truffles, as well as a sirloin steak of Gunma Prefecture's specialty Joshu Joshu Continue reading
    Room rate
    13,500 yen (tax included) ~
    Reservation is here
  • Healthy☆Natural Yakuzen French Dinner plan

    Let's refresh your body with the hot springs of Kusatsu and seasonal medicinal cuisine dishes every day for tiredness and stress!
    Based on medicine and medicinal sauce of medicine food, medicinal food concierge is likely to occur in the season IContinue reading
    Room rate
    11,400 yen(tax included)~
    Reservation is here
  • Golf accommodation pack plan (Late April to late November)

    We are preparing accommodation packs that can be reasonably played Kusatsu Kogen Golf Course Hill Kusatsu Kogen Golf Course.
    Since the price varies depending on the playing day, please contact us by phone.
    Room rate
    Please contact us by phone
  • 【Special☆Weekday thanks plan】Local production for local consumption main dish you can choose☆1 night dinner & breakfast included!

    It is a plan with local dinner for local consumption 1 night dinner & breakfast, which you can choose according to your preference, only on the company's homepage.It is a very reasonable plan with 10,000 yen (tax included) per room for 2 people.Continue reading
    Room rate
    From 11,000 yen (tax included)
  • 【Special☆Weekday appreciation plan Two consecutive stays save money】Local production for local consumption main dish + 2nd night upgrade!

    Room rate
    From 22,000 yen (tax included) for 2 nights