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Passionate French cuisine made by exclusive chef

◆Meal place:Main Building 1F Dining Restaurant
◆Meal time:Dinner:From PM 6: 00, Breakfast from 8: 00

Information on meals

  • ■Dinner, ~dinner~

    ■An example of a dinner menu(Standard)

    ·Appetizer:Asparagus sesame seeds, White sesame tofu, Shimonita Konnyaku spicy spicy, smoked salmon
    ·salad:Tabara vegetable salad
    ·soup:Clam chowder
    ·fish: Muniel of the Kindai wind rainbow trout
    ·Meat:Joshu Mochi Pork saute
    ·Dessert:ice cream
    ·drink:CoffeeorBlack teaorHerb tea
    ·Homemade breadorrice(free refill)

    ※The contents of the dish will change according to purchase and season.
    ※Dinner will be a simultaneous start at 18:00.
  • ■Breakfast, ~Breakfast~

    It becomes an egg plate with plenty of freshly baked and highland vegetables.

    ■An example of breakfast menu

    ·Bacon & egg dishes
    ·Baked bread
    ·CoffeeorHerb tea

    ※Breakfast time is from 8:00.
  • ■drink, ~Drink menu~

    Popular beer beer in Munich authentic beer,
    Paulaner and Erdinger 's two major brands are now available.
    A refreshing and creamy drinking mouth is perfect for dishes!

    "Sausage platter" (1,000 yen) in the side menu is also popular.
    We also have a variety of wines that go well with the dishes.
  • ■Meal plan, ~Meal plan~

    Kindai Pension variety of meal plan are available at the Kindai Pension.
    Among them Joshu Beef, the plan of Joshu Beef is popular number one.
    Thank large number, such as season only of plan and anniversaries plan because of the sometimes
    You can choose in the scene.

    ■Example plan

    ·Joshu Gourmet Plan (Kindai Master)
    ·Joshu Beef Plan (Popular number one)
    ·Local Hamburger plan(Classic menu)
    ·Anniversary plan (with cake and wine)
    ·Lamb roast plan(Limited to Summer)
    ·Beef Stew plan(Limited to Winter)
    ·Yakuzen French plan (Popular among Women)
    ·Healthy vegetable medicinal cups plan(Plenty of vegetables)