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Kindai Pension's passion

Five kinds of private baths that can enjoy the Kusatsu Onsen, meals and sleep, relaxing herbal tea.
It is suitable for those who want to refresh both mentally and physically.
  • ■Passion for healing

    • Popular Aomori Hiba Outdoor Bath Tub Bath "Yasuragi Barrel Bath"

      ◆Natural hot spring 100%

      Speaking of Kusatsu, it is hot spring after all.
      The bathroom of the Kindai Pension is 100% natural hot spring, it is sourced from the source.
      Source is colorless transparent midge ore.

      Please spend a relaxing time with friends, family, couple in 5 private baths.
    • A western style bath with plenty of granite "bath blessed by the land"

      ◆5 types of private bath

      There are 5 types of baths, each with its own private bath.
      As you can stay in the middle of the night, please enjoy it.

      ·Yasuragi Barrel Bath(Half outdoor bath)
      ·Shiki-no-mori-no-yu (Half outdoor bath)
      ·Lava cave bath (Half outdoor bath)
      ·bath blessed by the land (Inner bath)
      ·Nagomi Sachi Bath (Inner bath)
  • ■Passion to food

    • Boiled cream of Popular Joshu Beef and Ginhikari

      ◆Passionate ingredients

      The hotel aims for local production of local products and offers dishes using fresh local ingredients.

      Popular cow steak local Gunma Prefecture Joshu Beef
      Gunma Prefecture is surrounded by the rich water resources of the Tone River water system and Jomo Sanzan (Mt Akagi, Mt Haruna, and Mt Myogi).
      Areas where livestock is thriving.
      Gumma beef cattle raised in this environment is popular as flavorful beef.
      Enjoy baked juicy gravy and umami umami.

      Fish is also offering special products in Gunma prefecture, the highest grade rainbow trout 'Ginhikari' at the Ginhikari Joshu Gourmet Plan in Joshu Gourmet Plan.
      Ginhikari, blessed with pure and abundant water resources in the upper Tone River River,
      It is popular with good meaty fleshy that matured over 3 years.
    • You can enjoy sweet and fresh colorful vegetables

      ◆Fresh plateau vegetables

      Vivid vegetables that are also handled at the hotel are fresh plateau vegetables harvested at the Tsumagoi Plateau's own farm.

      The vegetables raised in the highlands where the difference in temperature is intense are very sweet and chewy and fresh,
      The authentic French cuisine created by the exclusive chef is accompanied with beautiful colors, and the taste is drawn out.

      Please enjoy the dinner course of the Kindai Pension.
      Egg plate with plenty of highland vegetables of breakfast is also popular.
  • ■Passion to sleep

    • Deluxe Double Room (Double size water bed)

      ◆Passion Bedding

      One of the important roles of the accommodation is to provide a comfortable sleep.

      We thought that there was the basis,
      I would like to have a more comfortable and comfortable,
      We have a premium bed in some rooms.
      Please feel the ultimate comfort at this opportunity.

      The photo on the left is a double size water bed.
      It is the ultimate bed that supports the body with the buoyancy of water.
      Please feel the ultimate sleeping soundly.
    • Deluxe Queen Room (Queen size double bed)

      ◆Sleekly in the morning asleep at night

      Deluxe Queen's room is Made by Sealy
      Set up a double bed with luxury mattress Crown Jewel.

      In the ultimate sleeping feeling with no feeling like floating in the air
      Please feel a deep and comfortable sleep.
  • ■Passion for peace

    • Dry herbs lining up in the restaurant

      ◆More than 100 herbs

      It is overwhelmed by the neat jars.

      From among over 100 kinds of dry herbs,
      We offer herb tea with different blend for each customer.
      It is popular among women for beauty and health.
    • Hearty season herbal tea

      ◆Aroma herbal tea blend

      Herbal tea that you can enjoy taste as well as fragrance.
      When blending several herbs, we use more fragrance,
      If you use less fragrance, you can enjoy each taste firmly.

      We also sell herbal souvenirs.